Washington Boxer Rescue... Helping boxer kids find forever homes

Steps for Adpotion

Here are the steps for adoption of a forever friend...

    Contact me via e-mail at boxers@waboxerrescue.com to request an application, then please fill out & return to be filed at WBR.

    Please let me know if there is a particular boxer that you are interested in adopting from our Adoptable Boxers page. I will personally help you select the right boxer to match your family, and you should always keep an application on file for those that are not listed yet on my site for adoption. When a boxerkid is selected and you are in agreement with that particular sweetheart, this boxer will then be placed on temporary hold from adoption, while you wait for a home visit.

    A representative for WBR from a Boxer Club or Rescue Club located in your area will come meet you in person to answer all questions and make sure your home is ready for a boxer to join your family. This is a requirement to adopt from this organization, and all the volunteers that help these wonderful rescued boxers, donate their time to meet you in person and represent WBR. They are our eyes and ears, to insure that you are adopting the correct boxer for your family and most of all that our boxers here are going to the right home, forever. Everyone that lends their hand in the adoption of a boxer, is truly a Blessing to my program - I couldn't do it without their unconditional dedication by helping these rescued boxers to their forever homes.

    After all requirements are met, and you have been fully approved through this program then you meet a representative for WBR to pick up your wonderful new adopted boxerkid, and sign contract through WBR. This your big day and our sweet boxer's always know its their day too - and run into the arms of their new mom or dad, to finally go home.

    I will be following up on your adoption, and you are always welcome to contact me anytime after an adoption with any behavior or training questions regarding your new boxerkid. And all updates and/or PICS are greatly enjoyed! I provide all training referrals for you if you are to far away from the training center that we use. And we do take your 'special needs' boxers here for boarding, or one on one training if necessary after adoption - please let us know, well in advance, to insure that you have a spot reserved. We have a location in the Tri-Cities & Seattle for this assistance.


A Quick Note...

Please send all correspondence and inquiries by email first if possible and check out our answers to frequently asked questions. It is really hard to return your phone calls until the weekend, so your understanding is appreciated. And remember, we also can have a family matter that is urgent and unexpected, this is seldom - but will detain email replies.. If you do not hear directly back from us, please write again with your inquiry or application request. Your patience and consideration are always appreciated.