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Questions and Answers

Let me address the most common questions below that are asked of me through boxer rescue. I get over 1500 emails weekly and 20-30 phone calls a day, please read all the following on this page to possibly answer any questions that you may be wanting to ask, but please don't hesitate to contact me if you want to know more.

  • This is not a shelter where you can come and visit all the boxers I have for adoption, so please understand we cannot do this until your application has been approved for adoption. These rescued boxerkids are brought into my private home and also placed in many of my wonderful foster homes across the state while they are waiting for a new home. We all work very hard to help them regain their health, spay, neuter, vaccinate and prepare them to have a full and loving life with you. THIS IS NOT A SHELTER ENVIRONMENT, all of these boxers in my rescue, are in private homes - so please do not ak to visit them until your application has been submitted and approved.

  • Each boxer is different, just as we are and require that consideration through the rescuer and the potential adopter. I try to evaluate each boxer and potential adopter as well as possible for an adoption. I get many questions regarding boxers and cats, and a high percentage of boxers are very well known for not being cat friendly. As soon as a cat takes off down the hallway or across the backyard- the chase is on and this is a sport that can have a horrible outcome. Unless raised and socialized properly from a pup, you may never be able to trust a boxer in your home if you have cats and should never take that chance without an evaluation. Please don't inquire about a dog that is not cat friendly if you do have cats. You can fill out an application to be on file ready for the next boxer that comes in to rescue, that is cat friendly and that would be the right step to take. So please understand that you may wait a bit longer on file, but you will be so happy that you did when all of your pets can be companions in the same household.

  • Boxers are usually very social and adaptable as youngsters, which is under the age of 2 years old, with all other dogs, of both genders. However, I will not place a boxer with the same sex in any household. When they become an adult, they may not get along safely anymore. After many years of experience with this breed, I can guarantee that they get along so much better with the opposite sex and it is safer in the long run. Believe me, it is not worth the consequences, and preventative measures are always the best step to take, no matter what.

  • Boxers love people and children and will go to all lengths to run and greet a person or a child playing down the street. This is why a fence is required through most rescue organizations when adopting a boxer. Taking a pet and putting them on a chain or tie out is completely unacceptable through my rescue as well. There are many other solutions for the safety of your pet, and if you have something as a run or kennel, or can provide a safe environment, please don't hesitate to note this on your application. Boxers are avid runners and love to kick up their heels when in play. They deserve to have this opportunity when they get a second chance at life.

  • These rescued boxers are surrendered to WBR from many walks of life. When they come into rescue, sometimes they have been severely neglected, abused, or simply cannot stay with their family for several reasons. Many are owner surrendered, because they have no other option and want the best possible second home for their boxer. This can be from military orders to move or serve their country, family death, illness, moving and loss of home. This decision is extremely a difficult & heartbreaking one, but I am thankful they have come to rescue to help provide their kids with the chance of a safe and loving home, the second time around, and I always welcome anyone that needs to contact me to release a boxer.