Washington Boxer Rescue... Helping boxer kids find forever homes

About Us

    WBR has two WASHINGTON offices to assist you in person with surrender or adoption. Terrie McCanse in Tri-Cities/SE WA. and Lillian Jesse in Seattle/Western WA. Both locations assist with the recovery, training, care and adoption of our rescued boxers waiting for their forever home. These boxers are released to WBR for many reasons - military transfer, family death, moving, illness, divorce, incompatibility w/other pets - and unsociability due to being left alone or untrained/neglected by original owners. Every dog is different, every home and family is different who wants to consider adoption of a rescued fur-kid. We also try to assist those who contact us for help regarding their dog, specializing in the boxer breed. As behavior specialists, we try to help owners with advice and training before they have to make the last choice to releasing their boxer into this program to insure their safety on their journey to a new home.

    The WASHINGTON BOXER RESCUE board consists of 5 members:
    Terrie McCanse - President/founder, E.WA rep., adoption, intake, fostercare, behavior specialist, Pet Chaplain
    Shannon Jewell - Vice President/Sec., fostercare
    Lillian Sugahara Jesse - Board Director, W.WA rep., adoption, intake, fostercare, trainer, behavior specialist
    Steve Moor - Board Director, fostercare, transport
    Gary Jewell - Board Director, fostercare, transport

    Please send all correspondence to our email: BOXERS@waboxerrescue.com Emails will be forwarded to proper board member for attention. Remember this is a volunteer program and all members have families, employment and personal business outside of WBR. Sometimes a reply can be delayed unintentionally due to our own schedules or an emergency with an animal family member. So please write a 2nd email to let us know if you have not heard back yet so we can have the opportunity to help you out. We thank you for your understanding and look forward to providing assistance.

    The founder and president of this program is Terrie McCanse. Her love for animals evolved and the need for rescue was increasing when she started in 1972 doing rescue for all animals. Terrie changed careers in 1982 to veterinary medicine while living in Palm Springs, CA. where she could help even more. She had been previously schooling in psychology to become a counselor specializing with children but soon changed everything in her path. The need to help others suffering through pet loss became evident. No help was anywhere when a family was grieving the tremendous loss of their feathered or fur-kid. By providing understanding with grief counseling and a hand of kindness Terrie since has assisted with hundreds of people that have had to say goodbye to their beloved pet. Terrie brought her daughter Shannon at 10 yrs old to work learning about people & pets by assisting in medicine and rescue as well. The memories of Terri's first childhood dog, a white & fawn patched girl with natural ears & docked tail, had never left her heart. It was during this time that Terrie & Shannon fell in love with the boxer breed. In 1985 they moved back to their home state of Washington where their rescue work continued and they soon met Cheryl Stevens when looking for their first boxer. Terrie found her first boxer girl which of course was a rescue in the dead of winter found in a pen outside and thus Blasia's Boxers was founded in 1987. This precious little rescued brindle girl lived 15 years. Blasia was the beginning of a champion line with 'Packer kids.' Terrie learned in obedience, conformation, agility, therapy classes with the early guidance and friendship of Cheryl Stevens/CH.Draymia's Boxers. Terrie has continued to teach and train over the years specializing in several types of behavior problems. Many years of working with dogs and their owners, helps to evaluate and work with every boxerkid that comes into this program. Years of experience has greatly assisted in the recovery and rehabilitation of boxers. Terrie is an ordained minister and continues her work as a Pet Chaplain; she helps through pet loss bringing compassion, empathy & kindness for all God's creatures. Terrie will always include anyone's pet in her monthly Blessing of the Animals. In 2004 Terrie joined the Pacific NW Boxer Club where she eventually met & joined forces with Lillian Jesse, a wonderful trainer & behavior specialist. In 2006 Washington Boxer Rescue became a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation and they held the first ever boxer rescue parade in the west for American Boxer Club in conjunction with Pacific NW Boxer Club held in Olympia, WA. Terrie & Lillian have both dedicated their life in helping people with their dogs and the boxers that are forgotten – they all deserve love and understanding in the right forever home.